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Exploiting Dynamic Querying like Flooding Techniques in Unstructured Essay

Misusing Dynamic Querying like Flooding Techniques in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Review - Essay Example ses the potential arrangement (calculation) for making dynamic questioning like flooding procedure valuable for the general unstructured shared systems. Remarks: Researcher for assessing KaZaA, BitTorrent and other unstructured system topology can utilize the material for checking and actualizing the upgraded calculation technique and assessment delivered in this paper. (2) ã‚ ¤Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ'ˆãÆ' ­Ã£Æ'€ã‚ ¯Ã£â€š ·Ã£Æ' §Ã£Æ' ³Ã£  ¯Ã£â‚¬ Ã§ ç © ¶Ã£  ®Ã¨Æ'Å'æ™ ¯Ã£â€šâ€žÃ¥â€¹â€¢Ã¦ ©Å¸Ã£â€š'〠Ã£ Ã£  ®Ã¥Ë†â€ Ã©â€¡Å½Ã£  ®Ã£â€š ¹Ã£Æ'šã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ªÃ£â€š ¹Ã£Æ'ˆã  §Ã£  ªÃ£ â€žÃ¤ º ºÃ£  «Ã£â€šâ€šÃ£â€š Ã£ â€¹Ã£â€šâ€¹Ã¨ ¨â‚¬Ã¨'‰ã  §Ã¦ËœÅ½Ã§ ¢ ºÃ£  «Ã¨ ¿ °Ã£  ¹Ã£  ¦Ã£ â€žÃ£â€šâ€¹Ã£ â€¹(Does the presentation obviously express the foundation and inspiration in wording reasonable to the non-pro?) Remarks: The presentation is straightforward, clear, and justifiable to the non-authority. It gives the foundation and inspiration to talking about an improved calculation for shared system for looking. (5) 㠁㠁 ®Ã¨ «â€"æâ€"‡ã  ®Ã¥Ë†â€ Ã©â€¡Å¾Ã£  ®Ã£â€š ¹Ã£Æ'šã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ªÃ£â€š ¹Ã£Æ'ˆã  §Ã£  ªÃ£ â€žÃ¦Å¡â‚¬Ã¨ ¡Ã¨â‚¬â€¦ 㠁 «Ã£  ¨Ã£  £Ã£  ¦Ã£ Ã£  ®Ã¨ «â€"æâ€"‡ã  ¯Ã£  ©Ã£  ®Ã£  Ã£â€šâ€°Ã£ â€žÃ¨ ª ­Ã£  ¿Ã£â€šâ€žÃ£ â„¢Ã£ â€žÃ£ â€¹(How decipherable is the paper for an architect who isn't a pro inthis specific field?) Remarks: The paper for a designer who isn't an authority in this specific field is comprehensible. Be that as it may, if specialists have included ceratin catchphrases, the meanings of specific ideas, terms, and images than it would be a fantastic paper. This paper talks about the dynamic questioning like procedure that is received by the Gnutella like distributed system. In this method, the source peer initially sends question bundles towards a couple of neighbors with a little TTL incentive to have an underlying evaluation of the ubiquity of the looked through thing. This procedure is iterative and in every emphasis; the source peer evaluates the quantity of companions to be reached for wanted number of result, figuring of TTL for question for sending to the following neighbor lastly spreading inquiry to the following neighbor. When the ideal number of result found the iterative procedure stops. Nonetheless, in this procedure, the idleness can be

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The Unspoken Rules of Calling in Sick

The Unspoken Rules of Calling in Sick You wake up one morning with a sore throat and you realize that although that pending deadline needs to reach your boss’s desk by the end of the day, you have no energy to get out of bed.So, what do you do?You proceed to your contact list and begin your preparations to call in sick.After all, it’s better to take a day or two off rather than prolong the flu, right? While calling in sick is a sensible procedure, you need to take into consideration whether your boss and co-workers are going to be fine with your absence.One-third of U.S. employees have faked their illness and hence, it’s necessary to come up with a good “stay home” strategy to ensure you don’t step on anyone toes.ARE YOU REALLY SICK OR IS IT JUST A BAD MONDAY?First things first! Get out of bed and locate the trusty thermometer that you just can’t seem to find when you are under the weather.Recording your body temperature is one of the quickest ways to finding out if you are indeed sick and it’s not just a ll in your head. Once you’ve noticed a higher temperature than normal, it’s time to put things into perspective.A running nose, sniffles, or a cough is often the first tell-tale signs that you are going to be sick. It’s important to never mistake a seasonal allergy to the actual flu.While the flu is contagious and it’s often best to rest at home rather than to infect everyone in your office, a seasonal allergy isn’t worth taking a sick day and once the usual body ache begins to subside, you will start to feel better.According to CareerBuilder’s Annual survey, in 2017 a staggering 40-percent of workers have called in sick when they have been in the pink of health. Among the many excuses given by the participants, here are the top dubious reasons for calling in sick by the report â€"Called in sick for having too much foodTook the day off for believing themselves to be deathly illExperiencing traumatic stress and panic attacksFelt under the weather for visiting a funeralUna ble to find their car keysIt comes as no surprise as to why your boss could suspect you’re lying when you are indeed sick with the kind of excuses that are listed above.When calling in sick always ensure you have a valid reason and relevant proof, like medical documents, to back up your claims post your sick day period.This is to build your credibility and trustworthiness with your colleagues and boss.Visiting the emergency room or scheduling a doctor’s visit should be among your top priorities when calling in sick.If you truly believe you’ve caught a contagious disease, a medical expert can help you get over your illness at a faster pace by prescribing the necessary medication. You’ve also got a doctor’s note to prove your leave of absence and your boss will have a much better time believing your sick tale.This interactive video shows how to get well soon which means significantly fewer days spent at home from work. 5 RULES TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN CALLING IN SICK1. Check wit h Your Team FirstIf there’s an important project on the line, it’s necessary to check the reactions of your team.If you’ve managed to trigger a response of caution from them, it may be alright to call in sick but if they find themselves panicking over the project situation, you may need more coaxing to ensure things work out fine in the end.Explain your situation in quick and easy conversations such as â€"Example 1“Hello Mark, I hope the day’s found you in good health, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for me. If it isn’t too much to ask, can you please fill me up on the day’s proceedings and redirect my visiting clients back to my office number. Thanks for taking the trouble and I hope to be back at my physical and mentalpeak.” Example 2“Hey Nancy, I won’t be able to come to work for a couple of days as I am feeling under the weather. Do share the news with the rest of the team and let them know that I truly regret the decision. Please do share the day’s discussion with me post your work hours so I can update myself on the project’s status. Thanks, wishing you the best!”Your colleagues will legitimately feel sorry for your condition and sympathize with you when you can provide them with a valid reason.Keep in mind that it’s considered a professional courtesy to update your colleagues that you aren’t showing up for work at the start of the day to ensure they plan out a strategy when dealing with your absence.Your co-workers are bound to feel annoyed when they come to know of your absence without any intimation from your end.Seeker demonstrates the reasons why shouldn’t go to work when you’re in this informative video. 2. Focus on Getting WellThere is no way to know when you’re going to fall sick or to calculate exactly how long the flu would last.However, you could take the necessary precautions of minimizing the days you’re in bed by ensuring you get treated for your condition at the earliest. Eliminate the stress f actor and focus on getting as much rest as you can.Here are a few short tips to get you back on track â€"Get More Sleepy TimeIt goes without saying that when you’re sick the fastest way to the road to recovery is to get some quality shut-eye.Depriving your body of sleep can cause strain to your body and in the long run, you extend your leave of absence.Consume Protein-rich FoodsProtein provides our body with muscle recovery aid and is generally a great way to gain nourishment when sick.Often, a sick person can’t consume a lot of carbohydrates due to their appetite taking a hit, that’s when a light protein snack can do wonders for your body.Drink Plenty of WaterWhen ill, your body tends to dehydrate a lot and a loss of water can inhibit your ability to heal from the sickness.H2O is often the best way to beat an illness as hydrating yourself often replenishes lost fluids and is a quick way to get back to your prime shape.Listen to Soothing MusicMusic offers a gateway to the mind to get away from the constant stress of everyday work life.Similarly, when you’re sick it’s a great way to pass your time without stressing your eyes by watching television or spending long hours on the computer. Setup a great playlist or a podcast and gently rest your eyes.Wear Loose Clothing and Try Over the Counter MedicationIf it’s a high fever you’re better off getting yourself checked at the doctor before self-medicating.On the other hand, if you’ve contracted a common cold, wearing loose clothing can help disperse body heat better and make you comfortable and anti-inflammatories such as aspirin and ibuprofen are recommended.When you do get back to your office, it’s important to practice safety measures to prevent infecting others. Rob Donofrio, a microbiologist at NSF International suggests “Proper handwashing with soap and warm water is still, by far, the best way to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Similarly, disinfecting common areas like the office kitchen or eating area, copy machine and printer can be crucial to keeping germs at bay.”3. Handover your Duties to a Trusted Co-workerUndoubtedly, every employee is unique to the company and there are tasks that only they can complete as they understand the procedure and the basic operation of the project.Sickness, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a warning and hence, you are bound to fall ill during the busiest time of the year. In these cases, it’s always convenient to have a fellow colleague, that you can trust to lead the way in your absence.It’s important to follow up with your colleague by either â€" phone or email.Layout a plan for them and utilize as little of their time as possible.After all, they are doing you a favor by working additional time than they normally would. As a goodwill gesture, consider offering your co-worker a gift after you recover or better yet, offer to switch places with them during their sick leave.Just because you’re ill, doesn’t me an you can’t make decisions from your home.Create direct reports and ensure you setup a procedure ahead of time to train one of your colleagues on the most high-priority tasks that need to be done even during your absence. Being prepared beforehand can save you a bunch of last minute requests that your coworkers may not be able to fulfill.4. Keep Yourself Available Through Phone and EmailUnfortunately, being sick doesn’t pause real life.This means that your clients are bound to be surprised to not find you in your usual workspace and would undoubtedly be ticked off that you didn’t notify them beforehand.Hence, it’s necessary to keep an open line of communication even if you’ve taken a sick leave to ensure operations are running smoothly.If you’re sick and are unable to attend the phone, ask a family friend or member to write a formal email on your behalf and forward it to all your contacts in one go.At the very least, you’ve managed to notify them and there won’t be any awkward confrontations the next time you’re back in the office.A wonderful tip is to create drafts for various reasons in your office emails and store them beforehand. When the time comes you can simply select the appropriately filled draft and hit send to all your clients and this saves you time and effort.If you’re able to take phone calls, ensure you create a priority list with the high-priority tasks at the top and the low priority ones at the bottom.You can start calling the most important clients and explaining your situation to postpone important events and meetings.You can take a short break after you’ve gone through the most important calls of the day and conduct the low-priority ones after you’re well rested. In this way, you can still manage to work while being sick and increase your efficiency by 50%.5. Maintain a Doctors’ Note as a Sick Leave PracticeDoctors’ notes are valuable pieces of information that can enable you to prove to your boss that you were indeed sick and were suffering from a severe ailment. It’s important to receive medical care and ensure that you request a note from the doctor to ensure your boss fully understands that you aren’t staging a magnificent performance.Unknown to many employees is the fact that when you sign the contract for a new job, you’re missing an important instruction in the written decorum of the company. Any employer can request a doctor’s note to validate your sick leave and while many managers might not really need to, it’s always worth noting down that when requested, it’s within your obligatory right to provide them with one.If you feel you are being unjustly scrutinized or perhaps your boss is bad mouthing you for taking a sick leave, you can approach the ADA(The Americans with Disabilities Act).The ADA helps employees with a physical or mental condition to claim their right to a sick leave and has established many laws for the benefit of the employees. It’s worth fighting f or your right.AVOID THESE 2 IMPORTANT THINGS WHEN CALLING IN SICK1. Don’t Fake ItFaking a cough or two just to call in sick is something most managers are used to.If you need a day to get away from the hectic responsibilities of your work, come clean and tell your manager about it.You will even be praised and be given the much-needed day or two off. Staging an act that could very well win you an Oscar is something that is a turn off to your team and your managers.Don’t pretend to overdo a cough on the phone when calling in sick, there’s nothing that says FAKE in big black bold letters even if you’re genuinely sick.Unless you’ve been tasked to do a formal call-in, stick to emails to mention your status. You can utilize one of the many pre-created drafts to send over to your boss and team while providing you with several minutes of valuable rest time.Here a few things to keep in mind when making a call or sending an email about your sickness â€"Keep the Conversation Short an d PoliteYou don’t need to prove to your boss that you’re sick while on phone, the tone says it all.Simply demonstrate your gratitude to your boss and appreciate the understanding they have in you.This is how a professional usually gets a satisfactory sick leave without further questions. Don’t go overboard explaining your condition as this plays no role at the moment and can be communicated after your illness.E-mail or Phone? Which is the better optionIf you’ve got an extremely bad fever and are low on energy levels, a simple draft should suffice to explain your reason for the absence.If you’ve lined up a big project or a critical meeting, then a phone call is a must to convey your instructions on how to phase out the rest of the plan.A practical rule of the thumb is â€" if it’s just another regular day at the office with no priorities in line, choose email. For everything else, make the call. Don’t ever send a text, this is considered extremely rude and unprofessional .Mondays and Fridays may seem the most suspicious days to take a leaveWhile being sick is not something you’ve got a control over, the days that you pick as your sick leave can seem like you’re taking an extended vacation.2. Don’t Use Your Sick Days as Vacation Leave and Refrain from Silly ExcusesSick days are valuable resources for every professional and they have been allotted by companies to ensure their employees get time off to recover.Using sick leaves to extend a weekend into a long leave of absence is unacceptable. The worst that could happen is when you indeed fall sick, there won’t be any left to make use of and in such an event it can cause you a great deal of anxiety.Here are some of the excuses that you should never call upon when calling in sick â€"The Hangover DramaA hangover isn’t a sickness, it’s a self-imposed condition caused by your inability to control last night’s drinking spree.Hence, it’s on you and not on the company if you suffer from the ef fects of a long party the night before.The simplistic rule to follow here is to consider your off days and save one day as backup such as Sunday to recover from a bad hangover.In short, choose Friday or Saturday for long parties and use Sunday as a day to recover so you’re ready to tackle the infamous Monday without an excuse.The Weather is Everything but SunnySevere weather is another common excuse that employees tend to throw around to ensure they get a paid sick leave.Unless there is a typhoon, hurricane, or blizzard ravaging across your city and the roads are closed off, there’s absolutely no reason to take a precious day off from work.If there is a severe weather alert, your company is bound to consider it as a major health hazard and call an emergency day off by shooting out emails to all the team members. You don’t need to decide on it.Need to Recharge my Mental HealthUnless you’re the employee of the year and you are practically burnt out from working day in and day out, you aren’t getting past your manager with this excuse.In fact, you will lay claim to the fact that you aren’t a serious employee to take into consideration when promoting and you’ll lose all the respect earned from your team members.Recharging your mental health is just another term for “vacation leave” and should be used only during your vacation package. However, if you’ve recently lost a loved one, it’s understandable to take a day or two off from work to grieve, most companies let their employees off the hook without further questions.SHOULD YOU CONSIDER WORKING FROM HOME INSTEAD OF COMING IN?Many bosses usually frown upon the act of an employee calling in sick. To minimize any negative feeling towards you, you can always choose to work at home if your body is able to. Although it’s extremely important to get adequate rest to ensure you don’t prolong your sickness and in turn extending your sick leave.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preven tion, you’ve got about a 20% chance of falling sick in a year.Considering that’s a 2 in 10 chances that you will experience a sick day in a year, you’re better off conducting yourself from home when you are able to. It’s not always advisable to arm yourself with cough drops and head on down to the office and infect others and cause a massive crisis-like situation to the company that you work for.Times like these call for the presence of mind â€" How do you work without being in the office?Complete offline tasks such as creating reports and address your clients and make cold calls from the comfort of your home. Your office isn’t necessarily your workplace, your home can convert as a makeshift office during your sick days.By working from home, you show your selfless dedication to your manager and team and show that you don’t like taking sick days if you aren’t committed to solving the challenges of the company. This also motivates you to be efficient always, including in your sickness.Although your physical being may be suffering from the constant loss of energy, your mental balance can stay as focused as if you were at your office.Try training yourself to work during a sickness on a voluntary basis and you can assure yourself that you will be able to win the respect of your peers as well as understand the term “being efficient even in your sleep”.A QUICK CHECK LIST TO FOLLOW WHEN CALLING IN SICKHere’s a quick checklist that you can print and carry around with you or pin up to ensure you don’t forget the things you should be doing when you’re sick. You could also add your own custom bullet points to the list.Call/Email your team and managers at the break of dawn or at the start of the dayEnsure all your clients are being redirected to your phone and emailSave drafts beforehand explaining why you can’t make it to the officeFix a doctor’s appointment and ensure you request a doctor’s noteFollow-up with your trusted colleague at differ ent points of the dayKeep your conversation as limited as possible when conversing with your co-workers by phoneComplete tasks as best as you can from home but only if you’re able toWhen in doubt between rest and work â€" Choose the former and get better quickHere’s a useful infographic to consider when you are confused whether to call in sick or not.CONCLUSIONAnd before you are done asking the most important question, the answer is â€" Yes! You can get fired for repeated faults on faking sickness. So, don’t for one moment utilize the sick leave for a grand vacation in Rome, you may end up jobless if your employer finds out and the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave ACT,) will not be able to protect you from regaining your old job back.There you are the grand rules to follow when committing yourself to a sick leave and it’s truly a disastrous experience to be sick, but we wish you better days and a happy working environment in all the days to come!

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Mental Health Care And Substance Abuse Treatment - 1886 Words

Drug addiction is a disease of the brain and a lot of times individuals who suffer with addiction also have other mental disorders. For individuals suffering with both one issue becomes very hard to treat because another issue is intertwined. Anyone who is entering a treatment program should be assessed for the co- occurrence of both substance use and a mental disorder. Research has proven that treating both (or multiple) illnesses at the same time in an integrated fashion is generally the best treatment approach for these patients. No single treatment works for everyone, treatment is different for everyone and it should be tailored depending on the individual’s issues and their characteristics. Matching treatment settings, interventions and services to an individual’s specific needs is critical to his or her efforts in returning to productive functioning in the family, workplace and society. Dual diagnosis recovery blends the most successful aspects of mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Instead of treating each disorder separately and through two separate programs, the issues are being treated as part of a continuum. Clinicians who work in the addiction field can now be trained in the treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders. To have an effective treatment plan both issues (addiction and mental illness) needs to be considered. It is also important that the treatment be appropriate to the individual’s age, gender, ethnicity and culture. AShow MoreRelatedThe Affordable Care Act And The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Service Administration?786 Words   |  4 PagesSubstance abuse has been a known topic which has not been recognized and fully treated the way it should. Unlike general medicine, substance abuse treatments have their own facility and services apart from general settings, making it harder to get the recognition and the assistance needed to help the individuals in need. Both the Affordable Care Act and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), which is a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services have promotedRead MoreThe Mental Health Parity And Addiction Act1533 Words   |  7 PagesThe Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act (MHPAEA) of 2008. This act requires the same level of benefits for substance use treatment and mental services as one would receive for medical care from their health insurance. The MHPAEA’s requirements were expanded by the Afford able Care Act that some health insurance plans should cover mental health and substance abuse treatment and services. This act will allow many social workers to treat more patients with low incomes and that have substance useRead MoreSAMHSA Case Study758 Words   |  4 Pagesbehavioral health services (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2017). The state’s role includes choosing and demanding what services are offered to the individuals in that area, promote and ensure rules and other demands for the delivery of mental health, substance abuse services, and work together with local governments to reduce these types of illnesses, and oversee the health care delivery overall within this service statewide (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services AdministrationRead MoreHealth And Health Care Act1380 Words   |  6 Pagesrole in bringing about parity in the health care sector. The 2010 Affordable Health Care Act, the 1996 Mental Health Parity Act and var ious other legislations have improved the accessibility, affordability and quality of group health plans and insurance plans. Although a few loop holes and old laws continue o hamper efforts to bring about health care parity, the legislations are a big step in the right direction. The efforts aimed to integrate behavioral health services into mainstream medical serviceRead MoreEssay On Mental Health Treatment Program1560 Words   |  7 PagesProgram Structure This Mental Health treatment program and/ or organization focus on co-occurring diagnosis and structures to develop co-occurring disorder treatment services. This program is a non-profit, privately owned organization. It provides social services in Miami, FL. This mental health treatment program and organization will provide comprehensive behavioral healthcare to homeless women who have severe, persistent mental illness, or with co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness’. The organizationsRead MoreSubstance Abuse And The United States1210 Words   |  5 PagesSubstance abuse is a very current problem in the United States. Opiate addiction is a particularly difficult problem in the State of Vermont where the abuse of prescription opioids has created addictions for many individuals. The problem of substance abuse has severe repercussions that may encompass severe dependence and overdose.1 Substance abuse is an epidemic that cannot be ignored. However, the combined forces of over-prescription, addiction and subsequent unemployment may mean that coverageRead MoreSubstance Abuse Among Older Adults Essay1317 Words   |  6 PagesI was surprised to hear that substance abuse is a growing epidemic among our elderly because when I think of the elderly I don’t think falling over on the floor drunk or sitting at a bar knocking drinks back. It really is an â€Å"invisible epidemic†. It was shocking to hear that because of insufficient knowledge, health care providers often overlook substance abuse among older adults and fail to diagnose them correctly. â€Å"Symptoms of substance abuse in older individuals sometimes mimic symptoms of otherRead MoreMental Health And Substance Use Problems Disorders1692 Words   |  7 Pagesto Treatment Improvement Protocol No. 43 (2005), a mental disorder is defined as a disease of the mind or a brain disorder. According to SAMHSA (2016), more than eighteen percent of US citizens age 18 and older live with a br ain disorder combined with another problem. To put it another way, almost 1/5th of the US population lives with mental illness and either a substance use disorder or some other issue (SAMHSA, 2016). A co-occurring problem is defined as the coexistence of both a substance useRead MoreIllegal Substance Abuse And Addiction1196 Words   |  5 PagesIllegal substance abuse and addiction can have far-reaching negative impacts that affect not only the people who abuse drugs but also their friends, family members, the community, and government resources. Substance abuse can lead to domestic violence, child abuse, suicide, crime, automobile accidents, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, and unwanted pregnancy. A particular area of concern of drug use and abuse is the impact of methamphetamine (meth) labs on public safety and the environmentRead MoreHealthcare Concerning Mental Illness Essay1584 Words   |  7 PagesHealthcare Concerning Mental Illness As of now, there is no general consensus that would require states to cover mental health (Cauchi, Landess, Thangasamy 2011). Out of the 49 states that do cover mental illness, there are three main categories that vary considerably; mental health â€Å"parity† or equal coverage laws, minimum mandated mental health benefit laws, and mental health â€Å"mandated offering laws.† Mental illness is as serious a condition as any other health condition. It should be covered

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`` Flapper A Story Of Sex, Style, Celebrity, And The...

What comes to mind with the phrase, â€Å"modern America?† What are the relationships like? The style? They money-making business? How did it America get where it is today? Joshua Zeitz depicts how America’s society changed in the 1920s throughout his book, Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern. Zeitz uses historical actors, specifically women, such as Coco Chanel and Kathleen Morrison, also known as Colleen Moore, to help redefine such changes into modern America in the ‘20s. These female characters have also influenced current American culture and ideals. Coco Chanel was the woman who created the idea of self-definition and liberty through the use of one’s clothes (Zeitz, 152). She had been raised as the athletic type and stepped out beyond the borders of the tight-fitting corset dress, and made her own sense of style. Chanel ignored the fact the she might be considered unpopular and stuck to how she wante d to dress and act. (Young Women Discuss Petting, 207). Surprisingly, Coco Chanel’s style in which she â€Å"let go of the waistline† flourished quickly and it was appealing to many (Zeitz, 154). She stepped away from the norm and sparked a light in America that ignited the idea to be who you are and stand out. Designs were created that were comfortable, but also stylish for the New Woman. Chanel kept designing clothing in which the â€Å"hemlines dropped and waistlines crept up† (Zeitz, 284). As seen in the video, What DemoralizedShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of Josuha Zeita ´s Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern954 Words   |  4 PagesThe flapper was the harbinger of a radical change in American culture. She was a product of social and political forces that assembled after the First World War. Modernization adjusted the American life. Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern by Joshua Zeitz analyzes the people who created the image of the flapper. This work is an incorporation of narrative, statistics, and scholarly work that provide a distinct insight on the â€Å"New Woman.† Joshua ZeitzRead MoreChanges in Fashion During the Roaring Twenties705 Words   |  3 Pagescurrent style that society portrays. The ideals of beauty and fashion have changed since the Victorian age to the roaring twenties to today. The most dramatic change was from the Victorian age to the 192 0s. The roaring twenties ideals of beauty and fashion are similar to todays society by what women do to their bodies, what women wear, and how women see themselves. Every women can find something wrong with her body. Women try to change, fix, or hide what they do not like about themselves. Women expressRead MoreEssay about Freedom of the Flapper1618 Words   |  7 Pagesassociated with the life of a flapper. While these descriptions are accurate, they do not inform people of the advantages and gains flappers made for the female gender. The flapper embodied the idea of freedom from the usual duties of a young female in the 1920s. These women were no longer tied down with the expectation that they immediately become a wife and mother, as well as being conservative and modest. By diving into a look at the fashion, music, and lifestyle of the flapper during the 1920s it willRead MoreThe Roaring Twenties : Decade Of Transition And Transformation1765 Words   |  8 Pagesexperienced a dramatic change, because of how entrenched america was physiologically and culturally, but in the 1920s it seemed to break its evocative attachments to the recent past and escort in a more modern era. The most scintillating impressions of that era are flappers and dance halls, movie palaces and radio empires, and Prohibition and speakeasies. Scientists unraveled boundaries of space and time, engineers built wonders, aviators flew men, and women were free to work. The country was confident andRead MoreFeminism : The Generation Of The Feminist Movement1787 Words   |  8 Pagesyears later. Yet their protest made an impact that did not go unnoticed. The activities of women in other directions were steadily multiplying. College after college – Vassar, Bryn Mawr, Smith, and Wellesley, to mention a few – was founded to give them the advantages of higher education. (ARTICLE: HISTORY OF THE UNITED STA... SOURCE: MARXISTS INTERNET ARCHIVE) Through the late 1800 to the early 1900, the age one first married was rising and the number of men and women in a relationship began to decreaseRead MoreWomen and the Media3250 Words   |  13 Pagesfemale. Women have always been seen, and portrayed as a sex symbol, and usually the disobedient one. Dating back to B.C and the story of Adam and Eve, Eve was the naked one who bit into the fruit that god told her was forbidden. Why couldn’t it have been Adam that caused such scandal, and was the cause for destruction, and crime in the world, and not Eve? From the believed beginning of time, to present day, women have really only progressed a small amount up the social ladder. Today, women are lookedRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1260 Words   |  6 PagesThe Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald shows women/sexuality by showing gender roles and how the upper class women were more conservative than the lower class, he portrays this through Daisy and Myrtle. Wom an and sexuality in the 1920’s were very set in stone, people never thought society s normalities would change. The thought of women back then was that they were feminine and conservative. Social classes really affected the way people and especially women were treated. Fitzgerald portrays these ideasRead MoreSexism And Gender Roles Throughout America2417 Words   |  10 Pagesstate of sexism in America, one must first study our history. From the earliest of human evolution men were valued as the hunter, the protector, the leader. Gallantly, spears in hand, they would leave mates and children behind in search of meat for the clan. The whole of his family’s survival resided on his shoulders, and any miss step on his fault was seen as immense failure. Women were left behind to mend the camps, cook the meals, and watch the children. Viewed as the weaker sex, the were left atRead MoreHonorable Style in Dishonorable Times: American Gangsters of the 1920s and 1930s6221 Words   |  25 PagesBeshears, Laura: Honorable Style in Dishonorable Times: American Gangsters of the 1920s and 1930s Journal of American Culture (33:3) [Sep 2010] , p.197-206. Honorable Style in Dishonorable Times: American Gangsters of the 1920s and 1930s Laura Beshears. The Journal of American Culture. Malden: Sep 2010. Vol. 33, Iss. 3; pg. 197, 10 pgs Abstract (Summary) Prohibition, which came into effect in July of 1920 with the passing of the Eighteenth Amendment, also illustrated the progressives idealism

Scope of Practice Free Essays

Scope of Practice according to the free dictionary is the range of responsibility of patients or caseload and practice guidelines that determine the boundaries within which a physician, or other professional, practices. The basic is that these guidelines tell that particular practitioner how far they can go when it comes to medical care and treatment. According to the law in all states, a Medical Assistant must have the supervising doctor, or a licensed practitioner, present, on the floor or in the building before a MA can provide any type of direct care/procedures to a patient (2011). We will write a custom essay sample on Scope of Practice or any similar topic only for you Order Now MA is allowed to do whatever they were hired to do. Doctors and nurses often times don’t know how to use their MAs, they main responsibilities are in their job description when they were hired. Each office that an MA may work in could have some different procedures to do. Your job as an MA maybe to administer immunizations for injections, or to file all medical charts when they are completed, whatever your job is, it should be clearly spelled out for you. They must also outline what a MA can not do, such as making any independent medical assessment, triage patients, dispense medication or samples without direct orders, and giving out your own personal medical advice (2011). The employer who usually is the doctor assumes responsibility of the MA and they have to determine each MA’s scope of practice, by determining their skill levels. Most states don’t have laws that specifically address the responsibilities and duties of a Medical Assistant. This doesn’t say that no rules apply to them but since they are an extension of the do0)ctor then they are more than likely to follow the laws of the State Medical Board. How to cite Scope of Practice, Papers

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Protective Gear And NHL Essays - National Hockey League,

Protective Gear And NHL The NHL should force their players to wear protective gear. Three reasons why protective gear should be worn are: one, it would prevent physical injuries; two, the players would set a good example for the future generations; three, it would take away from the negative aspects of the game. Protective gear helps a somewhat violent game remain as clean as possible. Wearing protective gear would prevent physical injuries in hockey. There were many hockey players who have worked hard all of their lives to become professional hockey superstars and when they finally got to the NHL, they become injured and were forced to watch the game instead of playing in it. An example of this is Brett Lindros. At the age of sixteen, the New York Islanders drafted Brett in the first round of the entry draft. He played his first NHL game against the Buffalo Sabers when he was eighteen years old. One year later, on February ninth, his whole life came crashing down on him. His lifelong dream to win a Stanley Cup had come to an end. He was hit with a thundering bodycheck into the boards and was knocked unconscious. Soon it was discovered that Brett had a history of concussions that dated back to when he was sixteen years old. The collision forced him to retire at the age of nineteen and spend the rest of his life pondering what was now the fact that he would have to quit in order to live. What actually happened was, when he was hit against the boards, his head hit the glass and that impact forced him to collapse and fall to the ice. He was immediately taken to the emergency room and there the doctors said that they could not examine the severity of the injury so soon. The severity of a concussion depends strictly on how much force is applied to the head and whether it is a head-on or a glancing blow.1 The following week, doctors told him that he had to stop playing hockey because the concussion was very severe and there was no way that he could regain his health and play hockey. This gruesome injury could have been avoided if Brett was wearing an approved helmet. The helmet that he was wearing at the time of the injury had no foam on the inside. That foam helps absorb the impact of a blow to the head. If he had been wearing one, there would have been a huge chance that he could have left the ice with only a mild injury instead of a career ending one. Another example is Brian Berard. His whole career came to an end on March the eleventh when he was playing against the Ottawa Senators. Marian Hossa was taking a slapshot and Berard fell to the ice to block the shot. When the puck was shot, the end of Hossa's stick struck Berard in his eye. The blow caused a 20-millimeter cut across the eyeball, detached the retina, sliced off the lens, and caused other problems.2 Brian Berard is only twenty-two years old and is forced to finish his career because of his health. All of which could have been avoided if he had been wearing a visor on his helmet. If he had been wearing a visor, Hossa's stick would have just bounced off the plastic and Berard would still have blocked the shot. It's very sad to think of all the good people who have been injured while playing this very physical sport of hockey. It is even more heartbreaking to think about all of those whose injuries that could have been avoided if they had just had the proper protection. Brett's older brother Eric Lindros defines this best. There is no player more valuable to his team than Eric is to the Philadelphia Flyers. But on December fourteenth, his career came to a halt when he was hit with a painful elbow to his head. He was playing against the Florida Panthers when Alex Hicks elbowed him in his face. He got a ten- 1 Levy Allan, Sports Injury Handbook (Toronto: John Wiley & Sons Inc, 1985), 49. 2 Ormsby Mary, "Berard Set For Surgery On Eye", Toronto Star, 21 Mar. 2000, D6. minute major and suspended for 6 games, but the damage had already been done. Eric Lindros had his most severe concussion. He was unconscious for twelve minutes and when the doctors examined him a few days later, they concluded